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  Discover NiceDay Nederland, with which we strive to make an impact by efficiently strengthening the mental wellbeing of as many people as possible. With NiceDay we make a difference in the lives of clients, professionals and employers.

Our Clients

  • "We understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and we want to support our employees in this. That's why we selected Sense Health: To help raising awareness among our employees and to offer the tools to get them started with vitality in a fun way!"

    Mirjam van Lunen
    Mirjam van Lunen Senior Advisor People Retention @ PostNL
  • "Sense Health provided us with unique high-tech tools that support the mental and physical fitness of our highly-skilled employees!"

    Maaike Thijssen
    Maaike Thijssen Corporate Vitality Manager @ ASML
  • "Goalie is the ideal tool for practitioners, because it significantly increases the insights into patient behavior."

    Rutger Goekoop
    Rutger Goekoop Neuroscientist & Psychiatrist @ PsyQ
  • "Brightr offers something really special. Not only does it create a more ¬†sustainable and stronger effect for interventions, but Brightr also empowers the user significantly."

    Albert Sonnevelt
    Albert Sonnevelt Trainer @ Sonnevelt Opleidingen
  • "Goalie connected me to online lifestyle coach Sanne. She provided me with pragmatic information and useful tips that I could immediately implement. Sanne thinks along with me, which makes it easy for me only to carry out my daily health activities, but also in a way that suits me. I think it's a nice and valuable app when you choose to lead a healthy lifestyle. A real added value for your health!"

    Sanne Goalie coachee
  • "Goalie lends me a hand in achieving a number of general goals, such as getting sufficient exercise and sleep. Also, I register how I feel every day. The weekly chat conversations with my Goalie coach Johan provide a lot of insights in my personal goals."

    Iris Goalie coachee

Our Services

Employee support
We provide solid coaching for your workforce at risk or in the process of reintegration. Workshops help to create awareness, business analytics provide you the right management tools.
Consumer support
Sometimes you just need someone with whom you can share your panic attack. With Goalie consumers get self-help support and a free intake with a human coach to beat beginning mental issues!
Patient support
Feeling down or already in a depression? We offer mental healthcare patients faster, personalized treatments that fit into their daily life.
Support for Shift Workers
Working on irregular shifts is risky for your health. With Brightr Shift, employees can make healthy adjustments to their daily routine. This makes them move more, sleep & eat better and get fit mentally!

Our fundamentals


Full-service people care

We want people to be informed and aware, learn what they can do to improve, and get effective help and support when they need it. Our solutions support people to self-manage, get professional care, involve their social support network, and prevent relapse.


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