Tech Internships

Rotterdam ยท 32/40 hrs/w

Your job

We are always able to mentor a few new interns at Sense Health! Can you provide Sense Health with new insights and ideas? Are you thorough and do you have a passion for mobile applications, web development, data science or user experience design?

Job Requirements

Sense has boatloads of knowledge, but we’re always open to expand on it. That’s why we are always looking for driven interns to help us develop new features or improve current ones. During an internship at Sense, we aim to teach you what we know, and to learn from you as well. We are currently working on several products and features in which your input could be useful and informative for both you and for Sense. Like what, you ask?

Choose your subject

  • Tailoring coaching styles: How do you convince someone to change his or her behavior? (AI or Psychology students)
  • Goal setting for personalized coaching: Investigate how we can learn from data, combined with a few smart questions, how someone is doing, and what good health goals would be (Data science, AI of UX students)
  • Feedback for depression patients: Research how we can make collected data insightful, for the therapist and to the patient (Data science, AI or UX students)
  • Optimize the battery consumption: Speaks for itself: wouldn’t we all want this?
  • Analyse the social environment: Develop a sensor that analyses the social environment of a user, by using e.g. bluetooth scanning, microphone and voice data, GPS, calendar and social media streams

What we can offer you

  • freedom to choose a subject that fits your education and your passion
  • the opportunity to make a statement on your resume
  • a great team with lots of knowledge to stand by you
  • an informal working environment where we have lunch together every day
  • if we’re both happy about the collaboration, we offer the possibility to work at Sense!

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