Marjolein (38)

HR manager with a depression.

Marjoleins story

Marjolein recently missed a promotion. For her, this was the moment she snapped.

For a while now, Marjolein has forced herself to work very hard… even though she doesn’t like her job anymore. She always puts herself in second place.

Give Marjolein the right tools

By recommendation of a close colleague, Marjolein started with Goalie. With the Goalie app you can work on a healthy lifestyle by yourself or with some help from a personal coach.

Marjolein likes that she can immediately start working on her goals. The descriptions, the goals she can set for herself and the pragmatic articles have given her food for thought and Marjolein quickly learns to put herself in first place again.

Stay on track


Discover the human side of technology

Marjolein has a conversation with a coach free of charge. Together they decide that Marjolein will work independently on a number of goals. Knowing that she can quickly turn to help if necessary, gives her the peace of minded she needed.

Ready for a better you?

Make the first step by visiting the our Goalie website!

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