Eliza (32)

Office manager with heart and vascular complaints.

Eliza’s story

Eliza de Vries from Oosterhout was referred to Marieke, practice assistant, three months after a heart attack. Eliza now has a blood pressure monitor herself. During the consultation they agree that within three months, Eliza gets started with a lifestyle coach.

In the meantime, Eliza get’s going with Goalie. Her POH-er Marieke sets a number of goals for Eliza, including the exercise goal and the registration of weight and blood pressure in the app. They agree on having a monthly chat consultation of 10 minutes. Next to that, Marieke follows Eliza’s progress online.

Online lifestyle coaching

After two weeks, Marieke sees that Eliza has lost 1 kilo and she sends her a compliment through chat. Eliza reacts surprised. “That message came when I was offered a piece of cake from a colleague, it was a lot easier to say no”.

Stay on track


DIY with on-demand human consultation

By registering the progress on all your goals, Goalie can provide you with some great lifestyle insights! And remember that human help is always available with just one click on the connection button.

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