Anneke (38)

Nurse with stress complaints.

Anneke's story

Anneke Jansen works 32 hours a week as a healthcare provider in a nursing home. Anneke is often tired and she feels a bit down. By recommendation of a close friend, Anneke decides to get started with Goalie.

While viewing Goalie, Anneke sees the possibility to ‘Find a Goalie Coach’. She immediately decides to send a connection request. That request gets accepted the same day. As a result of a questionnaire in the Goalie app, it becomes clear that Anneke is suffering a lot from stress and that she has a high amount of depression complaints.

Do it together

Together with her Goalie Coach she gets started. She registers her feelings and the amount of activity a day. Together with coach Johan she has taken the step to be more assertive at her work. The result is that Anneke feels less tense, she feels stronger and she is more confident after four weeks.

Stay on track


Coaching when it suits you

With Goalie it’s really easy to start: just go though the questionnaire in the app, set your goals and start making progress. When you need some extra help, you can always opt for an online coach from the Goalie community.

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